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07 November 2014 @ 12:15 pm
Finally You Ended  
I have always been saying I don't like Naruto that much, I even if I loved, loved deeply, NejiTen and Tenten and Neji <<< lol

I stayed in the fact that I don't think Naruto is THAT good of a series, and one might follow and just fall out of the fandom so quick they don't even care anymore. However, it does create community that actually SUPPORT the main story, a community that helps engaging the reader when the comic itself seem to not have enough power to do it. Fanfics and fanarts, fan works that open up for a field fo discussion and creation, that is the heart of Naruto fandom. The fandom helps fan fall in love with the characters, even if perhaps they have no love for the plot (lol) or perhaps even if the story itself doesn't love the character (lol)

Story wise, it can become redundant, dull, and lack of character development. Too many characters left unelaborated and plot stories forgotten after an apparent foreshadowing. He left a world with a big hole of questions, but then ended it anyway in a rush. Well, given the limited time he has and perhaps other issues we don't know, it is unsurprising. However, compared with many other manga and works, this giant of a series falls pale in comparison in quality and planning. This is spoken from someone who have left the fandom and see it from third eye point of view before finally plunging in again for the sake of nostalgia and a character.

But the community stands. Whether in rage and anger and disappointment or in pure joy and satisfaction, the community stands. The community stands and loves the series. That is the real power of Naruto series, despite all the flaws it has.

Otsukaresamadeshita, Kishimoto, and also the band of community that keep the fans together. Naruto may not have the best story, but it does have one of the most fervent and productive fan community.

I sure do hope Kishimoto ends it as it is and doesn't drag this any longer. A good story is a story that ends, after all.
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