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15 January 2015 @ 11:56 am
On Charlie Hebdo  
As a Muslim, this is what I should say about Charlie Hebdo. I am copying this from my facebook statuses (adding and eliminating some parts).

First of all, deepest condolences to all victims and I condemn the murder. It isn't how our Prophet teaches us. Islam is beautiful, and murder is not a part of it. The terror that enveloped Europe is really really regrettable and I wholly against the whole aggression. No one. NO ONE deserves to feel terror. It is human right that every human feels peace. Those terrorist are misled young men calling themselves muslims. do NOT associate them with Islam, please.

Second, I am NOT against freedom of speech. You may express your opinions on my religion and on us Muslims. Be it satire, be it critics, our Prophet also said we should accept someone's opinions and don't see them based on their race/religion/social standing.

Third, I am AGAINST the drawing of our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

It is my wish that the world will understand how much of a violation the drawing is. Murder is not right, it never will be. But this drawing isnt right as well, it isnt a mere drawing. I understand most non-muslims doesnt understand the value of that drawing thus they just say "y u so mad? Just a drawing. We even draw Pope and Jesus" but no, we will even condemn fellow muslims if they draw Prophet Mohammad for good messages for example, it should not exist. Even just thinking of it made me cry and I know some are shaking when they saw the drawing on the net and instantly scroll down so that they wont have to see it. We are disturbed, distraught, uncomfortable, and sad. Just looking at it made us felt so full of sin, disturbed, and nauseous, I am sure many just doesnt want to even glance at it for a look. Curiosity to see it doesnt even exist. It doesnt matter what the satire contain, the drawing of the Prophet shall not exist. If Charlie released another, imagine just how much pain we will be in, especially most of us wants to stand for freedom of speech as well, and also condemning the murder, but we cannot, should not, want not to be on the support for the release of that drawing (however the world will view us as supporting extremist and not grieving for the murders while they are actually mutually exclusive thing). This is a violation to our rights to be free of discomfort.
Please, we beg for equality to be understood. Look how many other satire mocking us Muslims and we dont careless, but draw our Prophet and you have a big red line, it isnt humour anynore, not anymore. Please.

They are not only attacking the extremist, they attack the whole muslim society. If we stand with Charlie on what they currently do, we have violated our own religion. We cannot agree to this and it is disturbing how many people oppressed us by saying 'how would you say you are with peace if you wouldn't stand with us?" I thought understanding work both way, this is an oppression, forcing one side to adhere to the value of others while asking them to symbolically shamed their own fundamental value in the process. It isnt that we are against the freedom of speech, we ourselves are expressing that we disagree and disturbed for that particular work. So far our opinions has been swatted aside and instead it seems as if every muslim who do not say Je Suis Charlie are positive to the whole murder, terrorism, and against freedom of speech while it isn't the case at all.

Can't they understand that there is something horribly, horribly, horribly wrong if they get this much reaction even from the most peaceful of us? Please understand, please respect our value.

I am all for freedom of speech, however equal footing should exist for both sides and what we see is how one side has tried all we can to express that no, the line has been crossed, please understand the difference of values we uphold, but have received nothing in our plea (even though we show clearly that we are greatly disturbed by what happen) while one side keep on oppressing.

This is discrimination and truth is, just being allowed to say, "we disagree" is not enough because the existence of that drawing, as long as it exist and deemed as 'acceptable' and supported by the whole society itself, is a severe violation of our rights. We are disturbed, we are uncomfortable with this. This may lead to unrest and in itself is already a beacon of instability. I believe government supposed to prevent such thing and mediate this so as to protect each sides' rights?
Do we have no right to be protected from discomfort and feeling disturbed?

Freedom of speech is supposed to be equal for everyone. But it isnt now. If it means verbal oppression and aggression I can never agree to this act.

Please do understand. Please.

If you can censor words like the N-words and other racists words under the reason of making other people feel marginalized and uncomfortable, why can’t that same principle worked for the drawing of Prophet Muhammad for us, Muslims?

We do not say you cannot express opinion on us, on Islam, we ask you to not draw our Prophet. You can still say your opinion without using the N-words and other offensive words, for example, and it is the same, you can express your opinion on Islam without using an image you call our Prophet.

Just because you think "it is just a drawing", it may not mean the same for us Muslims.

Please do understand and please, stop the double standard.

I should also add that I have given up hope that the west will ever understand. The amount of reactions were discouraging and I have given up hope that respect and equality will ever be born. Truth is, I have never felt this oppressed in my whole lifetime before.
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