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24 November 2014 @ 06:56 pm
Final Assignment Stress  
Revisions to do, things to tidy up in my graduation journal and graduation seminar writings, stuff like that.

Seriously at times I wonder why the heck am I in this division again... but then I remember I said, "because it is the most difficult and comprehensive, it will be better if I chose this division for my final assignment!" Damn the younger me, seriously, because now I am stuck in this really hard topic and I have no idea about the real diagnosis and what should I write. Why was I so naive. Why was I so passionate. And now... Now I don't know what I am gonna do with this, like HELP.

Thankfully, my professor said, "just write that fungi and put the other one you suspected in the differential diagnosis because you have no other choice" and I was like yeaaaaaaaaaaay biggest problem solved, but now revision is on the way so yah.

Dad is getting better. Still have times when his heart hurts but thankfully he took no major damage in his heart. :)) And he is back being the fun, at times overly energetic Dad (he shouldn't be too energetic though...) so yeaaay

Btw Suikoden IV is fun. :3 Going around the world map with your Stronghold is the best thing ever because yaaaay unlimited Rune Spamming.
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