Unleashed Dragon

Consuming Your Imagination

"Mea irs here aulla omnis"

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Eshtar is a regular Indonesian teenage girl with overflowing energy and passion but also with a considerable amount of laziness for studying. She is, however, planning on continuing her study to a suitable university, preferably abroad. She enjoys cookies!,chocolate!, anime, animanga, books, video games, and writing--as well as sport and music.


Hartes Ciel, Melenas Walasye

Persona 4 is Addiction
Yousuke x Chie is LOVE
NejiTen is OTP
Final Fantasy is Forever Fandom

Persona Magic Skill Blog Crew
Hama==> Light element, low chance of instant kill.

VII. Chariot
Thou art I

I art thou

A Persona of the Chariot Arcana

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Arcana sprite by emoji & journal by premade_ljs